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Panoramical is an album of interactive musical landscapes with analog controls coming soon to home computers. It is a series of morphing musical places for players to explore, fiddle and immerse in.


Panoramical was originally conceived as an installation piece repurposing a music mixer full of sliders and knobs that players use to gradually change the world's shapes and sounds. After showing it at several art and games festivals around the world, sometimes using a custom-made controller, the team decided to bring it to home computers.

Multiple control methods

PANORAMICAL is coming to home computers with redesigned controls for accesibility while keeping the original experience as intact as possible. Players are able to control it with either a standard keyboard and mouse or almost any MIDI music controller.


Additionally, PANORAMICAL will feature the work of guest artists collaborating with the creators with their unique styles. (Full line up to be announced)

Indie Fund

The PANORAMICAL team received the help of Indie Fund to bring the project to completion.

Presented by Polytron + Finji Games

We're partnering with Polytron (FEZ) and Finji (Canabalt) to combine efforts to bring PANORAMICAL to life as the most beautiful baby possible.


Polytron + Finji Announcement Trailer Vimeo

Gameplay Trailer Vimeo

Indiecade 2012 Teaser Vimeo



There are far more images available for PANORAMICAL, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

There are currently no logos or icons available for PANORAMICAL. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Indiecade Night Games Official Selection" - Los Angeles, USA. October 2012
  • "Showcased at Gamecity UK" - Nottingham, UK. October 2012
  • "Showcased at Prince Of Arcade" - Montreal, Canada. November 2012
  • "Showcased at VERSUS" - Rotterdam, The Netherlands. November 2012
  • "Showcased at Indiecade East Night Games" - New York, USA. February 2013
  • "Showcased at Indiecade Annex" - Austin, USA. March 2013
  • "Showcased at Wild Rumpus + Venus Patrol @ GDC 2013" - San Francisco, USA. March 2013
  • "Showcased at Ahhhcade at the SF MoMA" - San Francisco, USA. March 2013
  • "Nominated at AMAZE Indie Connect 2013 festival" - Berlin. April 2013
  • "Showcased at Virgin Media Game Space" - London, UK. September 2013
  • "Showcased at MOD Festival" - Guadalajara, Mexico. September 2013
  • "Showcased at Fantastic Arcade" - Austin, USA. September 2013
  • "Nominated at SOWN Sense of Wonder Night" - Tokyo, Japan. September 2013
  • "Showcased at Gamecity UK" - Nottingham, UK. October 2013
  • "Showcased at Wild Rumpus at the Art Gallery of Ontario" - Toronto, Canada. February 2014
  • "Showcased at Juegos Rancheros" - Austin, Texas. March 2014
  • "Permanent Exhibit at the Game Science Center" - Berlin, Germany. 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Oh, so this is the kind of thing you call transcendent."
    - Cassandra Khaw, PC Gamer
  • "already one of the games I’m most excited to see here this year"
    - Brandon Boyer, Venus Patrol
  • "Beautiful, emotionally powerful audience experience."
    - Ramiro Corbetta,

Indie Fund
Indie Fund announced backing Panoramical indie-fund.com.

Showcase at Ahhcade! at the SF MoMa
Anthony Carboni interviews Fernando and David youtube.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Fernando Ramallo
Designs what goes into your eyes

David Kanaga
Creates what enter your ears

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